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The Town of White Pine is now hiring for a PUBLIC WORKS DEPT DIRECTOR.

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With a picturesque setting in the rolling hills and pastoral landscapes of East Tennessee, White Pine is a community of people abundant with warm, southern hospitality. Our family-owned businesses, as well as national and international companies, local eateries, bookstore, and libraries, offer an idyllic setting for families, and retirees alike. We have a beautiful history supporting us and an even better future on the horizon!

In White Pine, find yourself surrounded by golf courses, lakes, cabins, shopping, the great University of Tennessee, as well as the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, all within an hour’s drive.


SEPTEMBER 17, 2022

Join us in celebrating our community with our community.

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Warming Up in White Pine

Warming Up in White Pine

As the weather gets warmer and the days get longer, you may be thinking about getting outside or finding fun activities to occupy your time in the summer months. Whatever you may be looking for, White Pine has got you covered. From warm weather activities like boating...

7 Reasons Why You Should Retire to White Pine

7 Reasons Why You Should Retire to White Pine

These days, more and more people are having to make decisions regarding their futures, and more specifically, the future of where they will live when they retire. Deciding where to retire to can not only be confusing, but downright frustrating if you aren’t exactly...