Reach out to your local officials in the quaint, historic town of White Pine, Tennessee.

Town Hall

Tel: 865-674-2556

The White Pine Town Hall is the headquarters of our city administration, as well as houses the town council, including the employees. Our goal is to serve our municipality.

Alyson Susong

Recorder & Judge

Junea Graves

City Clerk

Teresa Lawson


White Pine Public Library

Tel: 865-674-6313

Containing a circulation of over 25,000 titles, the library in White Pine is a publicly funded and managed library, headed by Director Sarah Beth Minton and her assistants, Tammy Smith and Carolyn Surrett. Hosting storytime, events, and more. 


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front of the white pine fire department

Fire Department

Tel: 865-674-6568
Fire Chief: Derrick Layman

Established in 1954, the White Pine Fire Department remains staffed entirely by volunteer-led firefighters. These volunteers perform emergency services for our local jurisdiction, as well as fire suppression. As of June 2021, WPFD is rated as an Class 4/4Y through the Insurance Services Office (ISO).

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Police Department

Tel: 865-674-7771

The White Pine police department works to consistently preserve and uphold law and order within the town. The officers patrol the town and assist the city court during the trial of cases. All officers wear authorized uniforms and badges and are armed while on duty.

White Pine, TN, Public Works Department Group photo

Public Works

Tel: 865-674-0165

Infrastructure department for the town of White Pine, including recreational, buildings, and transportation which involve governmental or public use and service for the citizens of White Pine. 

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