The quaint town of White Pine is nestled in some of the most beautiful natural areas in the southern United States. Just minutes from the Smoky Mountains and the scenic Tennessee River, White Pine is the perfect small-town getaway all year long, and especially during the holidays. If you or your loved ones are hiking buffs and are known for feeling the call of the great outdoors, White Pine can provide you with constant access to the nature you seek. Allow the crisp mountain air to soothe your spirit as we detail just a few of the best hiking trails and state parks to visit while you enjoy your stay in White Pine.

Smoky Mountain Hiking Trails Near White Pine, TN

If you find yourself in East Tennessee and ready to explore the country’s most visited park, check out some of our favorite hiking trails that trek through the gorgeous mountains.

The Horseshoe via Abrams Falls

This easy, four-mile trek is great if you’re new to hiking, or just want a simple stroll through the wooded mountains. Only rising 456 feet in elevation gain, this hike is perfect for early morning or late afternoon, as it usually takes the average hiker around two and a half hours to complete. The path leads you past Horseshoe peak, which is one of the beautiful vantage points in the park. It will also take you past the stout but mighty Abrams Falls. This trail, like most others in the Smokies, is especially popular during the autumn months.

Ramsey Cascades

Closest to White Pine proper, this popular Smoky Mountain hike is around eight miles long and leads you to a 100-foot-high scenic waterfall, known as Ramsey Falls. This hike is moderately difficult, as the hiker gains over 2,000 feet in elevation during it and is one of the only dead-end trails in the park. The wildlife on this forest trail is extensive, including several species of trout and the occasional copperhead snake in the stream that flows alongside the trail. The lucky hiker might even see a black bear! This is the perfect hike for those who are more experienced on the trail and will be sure to give you a healthy dose of the great outdoors.

Mount Sterling Loop

Of the three hikes located close to White Pine, this trail is certainly the most challenging. Not for the faint of heart, this 16.5-mile hike is best done as a one or two night backpacking trip, depending upon how experienced you are. This trail takes you up to the peak of Mount Sterling, where you will be greeted with unforgettable mountain views, as well as a historic fire tower. As you climb, you’ll be surrounded by waterfalls, creeks, mossy forests, and campgrounds where you can stop and take in the cool mountain breeze. This hike is beautiful in the wintertime, as snow usually appears the higher you climb. After you complete this monster of a hike, be sure to stop back by White Pine to reacquaint yourself with the comforts of good food and small-town company.

Trails in Panther Creek State Park

Just twenty short minutes from White Pine proper lies Panther Creek State Park, located in Morristown, Tennessee. This park is a 1,444-acre expanse located on the Cherokee Reservoir in the historic Holston River valley. With 17 different hiking trails to choose from, each of varying difficulty, there is something for everyone to enjoy at this state park. Here are just a few of our favorite hikes to explore.

Deer Run and Piney Cove Loop

Accurately named, this easy trail is sure to provide you with plenty of wildlife sightings. This loop is primarily utilized for hiking and mountain biking and lasts around 1.4 miles round trip. If you’re a frequent mountain biker, see our article on the best biking trails near White Pine.

The path leads you through a heavily wooded area, and then down by the reservoir. Frequenters of the trail report seeing several interesting species of mushrooms, deer, and birds. This trail is generally lightly trafficked, so you are sure to not be disturbed as you are enjoying your easy walk. It is also very well maintained, so this makes traversing the terrain much simpler.

Point Lookout Loop Trail

Most of the hikes located at Panther Creek State Park are incredibly family friendly. This smaller, 2.7-mile hike follows a loop that encircles the Cherokee Reservoir. This trail is moderately trafficked and allows dogs if they are kept on a leash. The elevation gain is not too steep, rising only 580 ft, making this only a moderately difficult hike. This strollable loop is a perfect hike for a rambunctious family, or for a nice sunset walk with a loved one.  

Hunt Knob Trail

This is one of the longer hikes that Panther Creek State Park has to offer. Spanning around 6.6 miles round trip, this hike is known for its lakeside views and wildflower patches. Though the hike is long, the elevation is not steep. Listed as moderately easy, this is a great extensive hike for families who love the outdoors. Like the Deer Run loop, you are sure to spot wildlife as you make your way down the path. This trail is also lightly trafficked, so you should be able to enjoy this scenic area at any time of day without running into too many other hikers.

Why White Pine is a Hiker’s Paradise

One of the main draws of the great state of Tennessee is its natural features. As you move across the state, East Tennessee houses a large percentage of the wild wonders it’s known for. If you’re a hiker, mountain biker, or camper, this area of the country is perfect for you to visit. As you’re planning your hiking extravaganza, consider staying in the cozy town of White Pine for increased access to the great outdoors.

The great town of White Pine is known for its unforgettable small-town charm, historical atmosphere, and charming shops and restaurants. It is the idyllic setting for family gatherings, weekend getaways, or even creating the perfect home sweet home. Despite our small-town status, we’re a booming community that’s ready to welcome you with open arms. So, the next time you’re itching for an outdoor escape, come stay in White Pine for an unforgettable experience. Visit our website for more information about our town, including updates on community events and messages from our small business community.