Whether you are planning a trip to White Pine or live here permanently, you may be wondering about what fun things you can do in and around our small town. For anyone who likes to be active outdoors, biking is always a fun thing to do in and around White Pine. Whether you enjoy hardcore downhill biking, moderate mountain biking, or riding along flat, paved paths, there are bike trails nearby for cyclists of all interests and skill levels. Here are some bike trails near White Pine, TN, so that you can find your next outdoor adventure while you’re in town.

Greenways and Leisure Bike Trails

A leisure bike ride down a paved trail is perfect for anyone who wants to enjoy being out in the fresh air of East Tennessee. These trails are great for families and cyclists of all ages and skill levels, from children to senior adults. Here are some of the best greenways and paved bike paths within about an hour’s drive of White Pine, TN:

  • White Pine’s Parks – White Pine has two parks, Lions Field and Legion Park, that are popular recreation locations. These parks have paved paths that are great for walking or biking for some easy and fun outdoor exercise for the whole family.
  • Grainger County Park – Grainger County Park has two loops that add up to about 1 mile in length. These trails are paved and wide enough to ride next to your biking partner.
  • Erwin Linear Trail – This bike trail, also known as the Erwin Greenway, is paved and mostly flat. This greenway runs 4 miles through the Cherokee National Forest and along two waterways.
  • Kingsport Greenbelt – The Kingsport Greenbelt is considered both a historical and fitness trail because it passes by Civil War sites, landmarks, historic homes, and bridges while riding through river and mountain scenery. This paved bike trail has four different sections, each with different things to do and see.
  • Holston River Greenway – This is one of Knoxville’s many greenways. The Holston River Greenway is paved and covers about 2 miles. This bike trail loops through Holston River Park and crosses over an abandoned rail line.
  • Alcoa-Maryville Greenway – There are over 15 miles of paved trails winding through Alcoa and Maryville that are well-maintained and perfect for bikers of all ages.

Mountain Bike Trails

For any outdoor enthusiast with an adventurous spirit, mountain biking is a great way to enjoy nature and test your physical abilities. If you would enjoy zooming through trees on a mountain bike, there are so many mountain bike trails to choose from near White Pine that you can drive to while you stay here. Here are just a few of the must-ride mountain bike trails within an hour drive:

  • Panther Creek State Park – Located only 20 minutes away in Morristown, TN, Panther Creek State Park has over 15 miles of biking trails that vary from easy to difficult, so there’s a trail for mountain bikers of all experience levels.
  • Walters State Trails – Also in Morristown, Walters State Community College built mountain bike trails for students and the public to explore. These trails are a few miles long and are great for beginners and intermediate riders.
  • Paint Creek Ride – This single-track mountain bike trail is located on the Tennessee/North Caroline border. The trail is steep and rugged with lots of rocks and roots, which makes it a great ride for experienced mountain bikers who are looking for a challenge.
  • Baker Creek Preserve – Baker Creek Preserve has 7.1 miles of mountain bike trails that range from easy to difficult, so mountain bikers of all skill levels will be able to find trails to ride. They even have two asphalt pump tracks as well as jump and skill lines so riders can test their abilities.
  • Ijams Nature Center and Quarry – Ijams has over 10 miles of trails that span from easy to moderate in difficulty. The trails meander through rugged terrain past scenic outlooks and rock formations. If you don’t have your own bike, you can rent one from the Ijams Visitor Center.

Downhill Biking Trails

Downhill biking is for those thrill-seeking bikers who enjoy a little danger. You might have to drive a little further for this type of biking, but there are some great downhill bike trails within an hour or two of White Pine. If you’re in White Pine and looking for an adrenaline rush, head to one of these trails:

  • Bailey Mountain Bike Park – Located in Marshall, NC, this bike park has intermediate, advanced, and expert downhill trails that cover over 1,000 vertical feet of elevation. These bike trails are for experienced riders who need a good challenge.
  • Tannery Knobs Mountain Bike Park – Tannery Knobs can be found an hour away in Johnson City, TN, and is designed as a skills bike park for all ages. No matter your experience level, you can enjoy a thrill atop your bike. There is even a kid’s section so your whole family can participate.
  • Windrock Bike Park – This downhill mountain bike course is considered the best in East Tennessee. While most of the downhill trails at Windrock are aggressive and rated difficult to extreme for expert riders, they have a few options for beginners as well. Rental bikes are also available if you don’t have your own.

Find Your Fun While Staying in White Pine, TN

White Pine, TN, is a great place to stay because it is quiet and calm. It’s the best town to visit if you want to unwind and get away from your hectic everyday life. The greenways and leisure bike trails in the area provide relaxing exercise and majestic views that match the vibe of a White Pine vacation. However, if you need a faster, more thrilling ride, the nearby mountain biking and downhill bike trails are not far. In less than an hour or two drive, you can reach dozens of bike trails and find the perfect one that suits your experience and skill level. Then, once you’re done with your extreme outdoor fun, head back to quiet White Pine to recuperate. There are many other activities in and around our town that you can enjoy, too, such as fishing, hiking, and golfing. Come stay in White Pine, TN, for a peaceful retreat full of outdoor adventure.