These days, more and more people are having to make decisions regarding their futures, and more specifically, the future of where they will live when they retire. Deciding where to retire to can not only be confusing, but downright frustrating if you aren’t exactly sure what you’re looking for. For those that are making a big decision like where to retire to, consider what you hope to gain from the experience. Are you looking to slow down after your years of working in a fast-paced environment? Maybe you’re even looking for a place where you can find peace inside and out. If these things interest you, consider retiring to White Pine, TN. Here are 7 reasons why we think that you’ll love living in White Pine.

1. Scenic Nature All Around

Nestled in the rolling hills of East Tennessee, White Pine is the nature lover’s paradise. In White Pine, there are endless amounts of natural beauty to appreciate, which is why our residents are never tired of the views that they take in each day. Retirees find pleasure in the discovery of different plants and animals in the area, strolling along on the many trails that are located in and around our town, and setting off for fun and fishing on nearby Douglas Lake.

The Flora and Fauna of White Pine

The Town of White Pine is home to many of the plants and animals that are typically found in East Tennessee. The nearby Great Smoky Mountains National Park offers additional sightings of plants and animals that call it home, such as black bears, elk, and more. In White Pine, birdwatching is as simple as looking up towards the sky, due to the diverse range of bird species that are present due to its proximity to the Smoky Mountains. Plant and Animal lovers alike follow nature’s call and end up in the beautiful Town of White Pine.

Nature Trails in and Around White Pine

In White Pine, there are many different hiking and walking trails, which are suited for different levels of ability and activity. While there are trails that are several miles long and have steep elevation gains, retirees who are looking for some options on the milder side can find them just a short 20-minute drive from White Pine at Panther Creek State Park. Two trails that are short in length but provide breathtaking views are Deer Run/Piney Cove Loop and Point Lookout Loop Trail. Depending on your preference and ability levels, there’s a great chance that White Pine has a trail that’s perfect for you.

Fishing and Fun at Douglas Lake

Nearby Douglas Lake is an extraordinary benefit of living in White Pine, TN. Throughout the year, different events take place on Douglas Lake, such as during October when it serves as host to the Ott Defoe Big Bass Classic. Even if you’re not a pro angler, Douglas Lake is the perfect place to go fishing alone or with any grandkids in tow. No matter what, a lake day is sure to please the crowd, and family fun is easily accessible with Douglas Lake being under 20 minutes away.

2. A Place Rooted in History

For those would consider themselves history lovers, White Pine has a rich history that is chronicled by many different historical sites and museums. In and around White Pine, you can find different stories to be told wherever you look. At the General Longstreet Museum, just 20 short minutes away from White Pine, Civil War buffs can learn more about the general and what life was like in the 1800s. Those in White Pine can also visit the wedding site of Tennessee hero Davy Crockett and his wife Polly, who married in 1806. To find out more about the historical sites that call White Pine home, read 5 Historical Markers and Museums to Visit While in White Pine.  

3. High Quality of Life, Low Cost of Living

It’s the best of both worlds in the affordable town of White Pine! While the town is already a great place to live due to its small-town charm, natural beauty, and more, White Pine’s affordability is the cherry on top. With the overall cost of living in white Pine being 21.5 percent lower than the United States, on average, and the absence of state income tax in Tennessee, you can have your cake and eat it too.

4. Get to Know Your Neighbors in White Pine

Sitting at a population of just over 2,300, White Pine’s label as a quaint, small town is right on the money. In White Pine, residents can experience all the charms of small-town living, including getting to know other community members. Because of White Pine’s proximity to other larger cities, such as Morristown and Jefferson City, residents can enjoy the peace that White Pine has to offer while also having the accessibility to other, more bustling, populated areas that are only a short drive away.

5. All the Good Eats

In White Pine, there are no shortage of great places to eat. Retirees have the world at their fingertips when it comes to trying different foods in White Pine. Cuisines ranging from Mexican to Italian, and everything in between, are available for residents to enjoy. White Pine residents can also experiment with food trucks, as there are several in the area which make stops in town, containing cuisines ranging from barbecue to pizza, and even a dessert truck. Wherever you stop to eat in White Pine, you can be sure that it’s going to be deliciously made by someone who cares about what they are serving their community.

6. Accessible Medical Care

One of the most important factors to consider when deciding where to retire is whether medical care will be easily accessible to you in your new home. As we age, we require more frequent trips to the doctor, and being close to quality hospitals is never a bad idea. Around White Pine, there are several high-quality hospitals that are just a short drive away. Morristown-Hamblen Hospital and Jefferson Memorial Hospital are two of the major hospitals that are in the area, but there are many different private practices in and around White Pine, which are available to serve residents as well.

7. Four Mild Seasons

Compared to many other areas, the weather in White Pine is categorized as mild year-round. For those who don’t want to suffer through the extreme temperatures of both the winter and summer, but still want to have four distinct seasons, White Pine’s weather is highly manageable. With warmer-than-average winters and milder summers, residents can enjoy being outdoors without having to deal with frustrating conditions. If you’re curious about what any particular season is like in White Pine, stay with us and get the full experience for yourself!

Enjoy Small-Town Living When You Retire to White Pine, TN

Finally, your years of working are over, and you can begin to enjoy life as a retiree. Choose to fully enjoy it by living in White Pine, Tennessee. In White Pine, you can have access to incredible nature, a tight-knit community, and top-notch healthcare at your fingertips. When you move to White Pine, you can create memories with your family, loved ones, and community that will make you wonder why you haven’t lived here your entire life.  

If you’re still not sold on why White Pine is the best place for you to retire to, book a trip and stay with us to experience it for yourself. To learn more about White Pine, visit our website or contact us. We can’t wait to see you.