Some people assume that small towns are boring places to live. However, living in a small town has so many great perks that bigger cities do not have. Although small-town life isn’t for everyone, most people who try living in a small town fall in love with the simple way of life and refuse to go back to the big city. Here are just some of the many reasons why small towns are better places to live.

Small Towns Have a Lower Cost of Living

Everything in a small town costs less, from houses and utilities to groceries. You can often buy a house in a small town for the same price that you would pay for a studio apartment in a big city. Small towns also typically have lower property taxes, which makes owning a home much more affordable. With all of the small, locally-owned shops that dominate small downtowns, you can also pay much less for consumer goods than you would pay at a corporate chain in a big city. Because the cost of living is so low, families who live in small towns can afford to do other fun things such as going on family vacations together. The low cost of living in a small town is one of the driving forces that draw people in.

Life in a Small Town Moves at a Slower Pace

Small town life has a slower and more relaxed pace than city life. It is easy to get lost in the hustle and bustle of a big city and feel overwhelmed and lonely. However, the slow pace of small town life allows you to stop and smell the roses to fully enjoy life. There is less stress in a small town because you don’t have to always feel like you’re in a hurry. In a big city, you can’t even go through a check-out line without the clerk rushing you along so they can move on to the next customer. In a small town, though, personal connections are valued, and employees will ask you about your day and offer you a smile, leading to a much more enjoyable and less stressful shopping experience.

Small Towns are Less Crowded

Big cities like to cram as many people as possible into the smallest of areas. In these cities, you can’t walk down the street without bumping into other people. Small towns, on the other hand, are much less crowded, giving you space to breathe. Unlike in a big city, if you are living in a small town, you can go out to dinner on a Friday night without having to wait an hour for a table. There is also much less traffic in a small town. In a city, traffic is so congested that it can take an hour to drive just a few miles, especially during rush hour. Small towns don’t really experience rush hour traffic, though. There are much fewer cars on the road, so you don’t have to fight traffic on your way to and from work when you are living in a small town. This means there is less road rage and traffic accidents on small town roads.

There Is Less Crime in a Small Town

This is one of the most important factors for parents when they are trying to decide about places to live. The crime rate in a small town is significantly lower than that in a big city. Families prefer living in small towns because it is a safe environment for children to grow up in. You can let your kids play outside without having to worry that something terrible is going to happen to them. There is also less theft, so you can let your car warm up in the morning with the door unlocked without fear that it will be stolen. You can be much more at ease when you are living in a small town because crime is rare.

The Air in a Small Town Is Cleaner

The clean air in a small town can be connected to the smaller population and lower volumes of traffic mentioned previously. Fewer cars on the road means less pollutants are released into the air. This clean air is healthier to breathe and will not result in the health issues that are caused by smoggy air in big cities. In a small town, you can enjoy the fresh air and partake in all sorts of outdoor activities.

You Can Become a Part of a Community

Everyone knows everyone in a small town. All residents are included in town events, which brings everyone closer together and instills a sense of belonging and community. When you walk down the street, you are likely to see someone you know who will give you a wave or offer a few kind words. Even if you don’t actually know each other, chances are you’ll still receive a courtesy “How are you?” from them. These little exchanges can really brighten up your day and make you feel like you belong. In a big city, you don’t get this same experience. The chances of running into someone you know on a big city street are slim, and strangers usually avoid eye contact and conversations with each other. This can lead to a feeling of loneliness that is avoided if living in a small town. You will always feel a sense of belonging. Even if you move away for a while, you will always be welcomed back with open arms and everyone will be happy to see you again.

Another perk of living in a small town is being a part of unique community traditions. If you’re not from a town, you might think some of their traditions and celebrations are a bit weird, but everyone in that community loves them and looks forward to them every year. The whole town might band together to put on a parade or a festival to celebrate anything from Christmas to the founding of the town to the local crop. For example, Floresville, TX, hosts a peanut festival each year, and White Pine, TN, has an annual Pine Fest. Only residents of the town know about their traditions and celebrations that help bond the community together and make everyone feel like they’re a part of something bigger than themselves.

Small Town Life in White Pine, TN

These are just a few of the reasons why small towns are better places to live than big cities. Living in a small town reduces stress levels by offering a much calmer way of life. You and your family will love the slower pace and peace of mind as well as all the fun things to do in the community. If you are looking for a change of pace, have an adventurous spirit, or simply want a more affordable lifestyle, consider moving to a small town. Our friendly, tranquil town of White Pine, TN, is the perfect place to live and escape busy city life.  Our town is also the ideal destination for a family vacation. Get away from the crowds and enjoy small town life in White Pine, TN, for as long as you please.