When you are researching vacation ideas, most of the places that come up are big cities and major tourist destinations. However, the best places to visit are those that aren’t advertised all over the internet. You want to go someplace where you can get away from the crowds and relax. The perfect places to visit to accomplish this are small towns. Here are just a few of the many reasons why you should forget about vacationing in big cities and instead discover the charm that a small town vacation has to offer.

1. Small Town Vacations Are Less Stressful

When you visit a big city or crowded tourist destination, you’re undoubtedly going to feel stressed. You have to plan every second of your day and when you are going to go see each sight in advance, only to have those carefully made plans disrupted by a lack of available cabs or some other unforeseen inconvenience. When you visit a small town for your vacation, though, you can avoid all this stress. Most of the sights in a small town don’t require careful scheduling beforehand, so you can visit them at your own pace. There are also fewer people, so you can avoid the stress of sitting in traffic all day and fighting crowds everywhere you go. You can take a step away from the hustle and bustle of life to unwind and recharge in peace. Isn’t de-stressing what vacation is all about?

2. Small Town Vacations Are More Affordable

Everything will be more affordable when you visit a small town instead of a big city. Restaurants and lodging in a small town charge a fraction of the price when compared to those in large cities. Why spend hundreds of dollars for one night in a hotel room in a big city when you can spend a week in a small town for less? You can also do activities for a much more reasonable cost when you visit a small town. For instance, many small towns have museums and historical exhibits that offer free admission to the public, or if they do charge for a ticket, it is usually inexpensive. A small town vacation will be much more affordable than a trip to a big city or other tourist destination.

3. Small Towns Are Kid-Friendly

When you are going on a family vacation, you need to think about what your kids will enjoy doing. You don’t want to take them to a big city where they won’t have any room to run around and play. They’ll be bored out of their minds just looking at building after building. Plus, the crowded streets of a city will make you constantly worry about your children’s safety during your entire trip.

A small town vacation, on the other hand, is very kid friendly. Small towns offer plenty of space to let your kids play outside and enjoy the fresh air. There are also so many more activities in a small town that children will enjoy. From exploring a historic downtown to kayaking around a lake, your family won’t run out of fun things to do when you visit a small town. And you won’t have to be in a constant state of fear for your children’s safety. Small towns are much safer than cities, so you can feel more at ease while you enjoy your small town vacation.

4. Small Towns Have Unobstructed Views

One of the best parts of different places to visit is getting to see new views from what you are used to. Big cities don’t let you take in much scenery; the buildings block all views, so you end up just staring at one building after another without much differentiation between them. When you visit a small town, however, you have unobstructed views all around. Small towns don’t have large buildings to block the scenery, so you can easily take in all the new sights. If you visit a small town near the mountains, you will be able to see a beautiful mountain backdrop. If you take a small town vacation near the ocean or a lake, you will be able to enjoy those views without obstruction. Visit a small town to relax and enjoy some breathtaking sights.

5. People in Small Towns Are Nicer

The residents of small towns are usually friendlier than those who live in big cities or near other major tourist destinations. When you go someplace that sees a large number of tourists, the people you come into contact with will view you as just another tourist who is disrupting their day. Small towners, on the other hand, are often happy to meet new people who visit their town. You are much more likely to run into someone who is eager to tell you all about their town and everything it has to offer. This is partly because small towns operate at a slower pace than large cities. People aren’t in a rush to get to their next destination, so they’re willing to stop and talk to newcomers.

6. You Can Support an Economy That Needs It

Many rural small towns are struggling financially right now. Getting visitors can help boost their economy and allow employees and small business owners to bring in more money. Big cities and large tourist destinations don’t need your help to support them; they’re doing just fine without your additional funds. When you visit a small town, however, you can make a big difference. When you spend money during a small town vacation, you help to keep the local shops, restaurants, and even farmers in business.

7. Small Towns Offer Different Things to Do

There are so many fun things to do during a small town vacation that you wouldn’t be able to do in a big city. Some things that you can only find in a small town are original, unique antiques for reasonable prices at thrift stores and antique stores. You can meander through a farmer’s market and enjoy locally grown food or visit a historical church that was built in the 1800s. Go for a bike ride along a trail, canoe around a lake, pick wildflowers, see some wildlife. These and many more are all things that you can only do when you visit a small town instead of a city.

Visit the Small Town of White Pine, TN

Are you ready to take a small town vacation? When you are looking at places to visit, look no further than the town of White Pine, TN. Our quiet small town is the perfect place for you to get away from the craziness of everyday life. Unwind while taking in beautiful mountain and lake views. You can take part in all sorts of outdoor activities in and around our town, from boating and fishing to hiking and biking. White Pine is right next door to two lakes, Douglas and Cherokee, so you can go spend a day on the water doing all the fun lake activities you can imagine. White Pine is also just a short drive away from Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg, so you can go visit all the attractions, including the Great Smoky Mountains, then retreat back to the tranquility of a small town. Step out of your busy schedule and come enjoy the slow pace of small town life. Visit White Pine, TN, for a small town vacation you won’t forget.