Smoky, cheesy, sweet, spicy, or fresh. No matter what you like when it comes to food, you will find it here in White Pine—on wheels. 

White Pine is a known destination for a few closely coveted food trucks that have a following around East Tennessee. Often, these trucks will only visit a few spots at one time, but they love stopping in White Pine because our town is known for its love of all things local. They’re treated like royalty the minute they roll up and for good reason too! Their food is delicious, authentic, and always served hot and fresh. It’s truly the best way to experience local flavor here in White Pine, Tennessee.

The All American Order Up Grill

Order Up Grill offers delicious cook-out classics like Memphis Style barbecue, ballpark hot dogs, and juicy hamburgers, as well as some Tex-Mex favorites like melty quesadillas and soft tacos. With specials like their BLT Quesadilla or A-O burger, you will find exciting and savory new flavors that make you rethink just how magical a first bite can be. 

The owners, Mark and his wife Christy, always “treat you like family,” says a fan review on Facebook, “They deliver the best meals made from scratch and I have never had something from them that I didn’t love.” 

Order Up Grill can cater and deliver their love-filled specialties to your next private event—whether it’s a wedding or a Tuesday night dinner. And if you still can’t get enough of Mark and Christy’s cooking, be sure to follow them on Facebook to see where they are heading next!

Takeout Favorites From Emma’s on Wheels

Emma’s Asian 1 is a coveted hibachi and sushi restaurant in Morristown, Tennessee. Emma’s on Wheels, however, takes Emma’s Asian 1 dishes on the road all over the surrounding area. So even if you can’t get out to Morristown, you can still get your fair share of all the local favorites. 

In their sleek, black truck, you will find all your takeout favorites being freshly prepared. Creamy, crunchy crab rangoons, savory fried dumplings, buttery hibachi steak, golden brown General Tso’s chicken, and more. Their visits to White Pine are usually spontaneous, but they are a more than welcomed surprise by our town’s patrons. 

Cookout Classics and Delectable Desserts with Red Box Burgers

Are you craving savory burgers, char-grilled Hot Dogs, loaded Chili Fries, but not the hassle (and prices) of a baseball stadium? Red Box Burgers has got you covered. 

Served out of their red “burger wagon,” Red Box has all your stadium favorites that scream summertime. Poppable cheeseburger sliders that are great for kids, freshly battered onion rings, and french fries piled high with homemade chili and a mountain of shredded cheddar cheese are all on the menu here at Red Box Burgers.

But if you still have room for dessert, don’t leave just yet. Red Box Burgers has “the best shakes in East Tennessee,” a die-hard fan on Facebook says, as well as delicious classics like cheesecakes, marbled brownies, and root beer floats. 

You can find Red Box Burgers around your local breweries, festivals, liquor stores, or even outside your own office thanks to their renting and catering services. Just be sure to reserve them as soon as you can because they’ve got a big following of hungry fans. 

Hot Subs and Funnel Cake Fries at Kurbside Grillin’

Kurbside Grillin’ offers its customers a little taste of the county fair all year round with their famous fried pickle chips, deep-fried deviled eggs, and their coveted funnel cake fries that are always on the menu for their ravenous crowds. Owners Michael and Lindsey Cline also offer daily specials that are always changing which gives their die-hard followers something new to try in case they feel like changing their order up a little bit. 

All the menu items at Kurbside Grillin’ are made to order and cooked with lots of love. Fans on Facebook rave about Michael and Lindsey’s “friendly and fast service” and the “amazing quality of their food.” This food truck is also great for feeding a crowd. Whether it’s a retirement party at the office or a wedding reception, Kurbside Grillin’ has delicious options for everyone in your hungry crowd! Check out their Facebook to see where they head next and to get menu recommendations from their fans.

GrillBilly Smoke: The Best Barbeque This Side of the Mississippi

This isn’t your typical barbecue joint. GrillBilly Smoke is known for revamping this southern staple with its Tex-Mex rubs, seasonings, and unique sides. Don’t expect to find a sad bowl of soggy collard greens and coleslaw here. Instead, you’ll be met with grilled lobster mac and cheese, Mexican street corn, and a new take on the classic potato salad. 

All their main barbecue dishes are prepared Texas-style—smoked low and slow for countless hours in the charcoal pit. There are many meals they have that showcase these flavors the best, but the true star of the show is the NOD Sandwich: a pulled pork sandwich served on freshly baked Italian bread and topped with a five-cheese fiesta blend and a secret concoction they call “vol sauce.”

You’ll find after one bite of this delicious sandwich just how much of a winning couple Tex-Mex and Barbecue can be. Both complimenting each other with the perfect marriage of smoke, spice, acidity, and savory goodness.

Hot and Cold Subs from The Samich Shop

Make picnicking a breeze with a trip to this beloved White Pine food truck! Behind the counter of the nostalgically vintage Samich Shop truck, you will find the ladies in charge serving up all your favorite hot and cold subs, and hot dogs, too! 

This women-operated business is committing to giving their customers quality food that matches their quality experience there. One fan on Facebook calls their food a “perfect package of deliciousness” and another praises the staff for their “hospitality and good food,” so it’s safe to say that if you are planning to visit the Samich Shop don’t expect to get an ordinary sandwich or subpar service. 

Customers sing high praises of their club sandwich, piled high with deli-sliced turkey, ham, and cheddar cheese, and fresh tomatoes and lettuce. There are also lots of kid-friendly options at the Samich Shop, too, with classics such as a campfire grilled hot dog or hot ham and cheese. 

Sweet Smuckers Doughnuts: Because You Can’t Go Wrong with Classic Pairings.

What is that huge crowd outside this food truck waiting for? Only the classics. Donuts and Coffee. Pretzels and Lemonade. 

Sweet Smuckers makes all their huge, glazed yeast donuts and salty pretzels in-house every morning with their dough and homemade glaze. But that’s not the only thing that this beloved food truck is serving up for its customers. Sweet Smuckers also has fresh, pour-over coffee, both hot and iced, ready for all their caffeine fanatics to pair with their handmade pastries, as well as refreshingly tart and sweet lemonade to balance out the salt of the pretzels. 

This is easily one of White Pine’s most popular food trucks and for good reason. Fans rave about how “everything is great here,” and how the donuts and pretzels are some of the best they’ve ever had. They also mention how the service here matches the sweetness of the products they sell. Be sure to check out their Facebook to see when they’ll be back in White Pine!

Fresh Pies from Patriot Wood Fire Pizza

Patriot Wood Fire Pizza offers smoky, savory, and fresh wood-fired pizzas with perfectly charred thin crust, melty cheese, and a swirling of toppings ranging from your favorite vegetables to house-made sauces. They also offer all your favorite pizza sides like garlic knots and wings, both cooked in their wood-fired stove. 

This food truck is beloved by White Pine Locals for its perfectly shareable-sized pizzas and fresh ingredients, making for a perfect eating experience that will transport your taste buds to a café in Italy in just one bite. Check them out once and they are sure to be your new, favorite pizza place. 

Get a Taste of All White Pine Has to Offer

In White Pine, our East Tennessee community is at the heart of everything we do. We are proud of our heritage and excited about our future which is why we love supporting our business owners and aspiring dreamers. Their products and services give us a chance to gather together and forge new memories with one another, and that’s ultimately what living in White Pine is all about. Visit our website today to learn more about all the exciting events happening in our little corner of East Tennessee.