The Mayor met with the department heads this morning and in an effort to keep all vital town employees healthy, we have made a few decisions.

The Town Hall and Police lobbies will be closed.  All customers that need to pay their utility bill or taxes are asked to mail, use the drop box at town hall, pay online, or pay at bank.

If someone needs a new service, or a building permit, etc., please call town hall and set up a time to come in to the office.  For more information call 865-674-2556

The public works department is also trying to take measures to stay well and continue trash pick up and of course water and wastewater.

The Lions Park located on Roy Messer Highway will now be closed as well.   Legion Park will remain open but we ask that you avoid close contact with others and keep the CDC guidelines in your actions.

Our goal is to continue servicing our town and keeping our employees healthy.